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Main effects:

  • gain muscle
  • gain strength
  • increase bone density
  • burning fat
  • increase vascularity

Andarine is a strong sarm which is known to work very fast. It was designed to treat various diseases , mainly muscle wasting diseases. Andarine have high anabolic effects and you can experience steroid like effects.

So you can experience a light suppression of your natural hormones and beware of suppression during a cycle. Sometimes a PCT is needed. When used in high doses , most people experience side effects with vision. It can cause a yellowish tint to the vision , more sensitive to light and decreased night vision.

Once you stop using Andarine the side effects disappear.

Used for : 

  • Cutting
  • Bulking
  • Recompting

Dosage : 

  • 25 – 50mg a day, taken in the morning and afternoon
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htushtus2 July 2024


htushtus2 July 2024

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