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Main effects:

  • increase muscle mass
  • increase strength
  • maintaining harder and fuller muscles
  • fat loss
  • energy boosting
  • good overall feeling

Ligandrol is one of few sarms that was tested on humans with very promising results. It was designed for muscle wasting diseases and to treat osteoporosis. Ligandrol is stronger then ostarine.

People say it’s the closest thing to testorone without suffering from the side effects. At low doses you probably won’t need a PCT, but at higher doses and longer cycles a PCT is recommended. At high doses some may experience side effects such as headaches, nausea and water retention.

Many feel to get a good and positive energy throughout the day from this sarm.

Used for : 

  • Cutting
  • Bulking
  • Recompting

Dosage : 

  • 5 – 15mg a day, taken one time a day
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htushtus2 July 2024


htushtus2 July 2024

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